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Welcome to the cdncollective Canadian great outdoors photo contest. This contest will run for the next 5 weeks and is only meant to be a fun way of seeing images from across Canada. One theme for each week. 5 simple rules No stealing other peoples pictures unless you have permission. (unless you drop your camera in the lake while fishing or running away from that bear while camping. Then you might need to use google. But we would like a explanation) Tell us why this is your favorite. 3 sentences or less. It's ok to block out faces if uncomfortable. We will understand Send all images to our instagram @cdn.collective Enter as many times as you like for all 5 weeks Winners will be picked every Friday by the cdncollective 2 high school coop students. Prizes - Will be a retail value of over $120.00. When you win you will be contacted to find out the sizes of clothing needed for you and a travel buddy. Prizes from each @strongandfreecanada, @cdn.collective, @redcanoebrands, socks from @plainsbreakersocks, 2 pairs of @cdn.collective flip flops, food wraps from @mindyourbees, @Steamwhistlebrewing playing cards and various smaller Canadian Made items. Pictures sent in will be added to a weekly instagram storyline for everyone to see.

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