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Canadian Collective Clothing Exclusively features Made in Canada clothing and accessories from various retailers and manufacturers. Proudly dedicated to Canadian Made.

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Alex Ferro

Marketing Manager

Alexandre Ferro is pursuing his Bachelor of Commerce at McMaster University. During his time at McMaster, he has competed in several case competitions, achieving a top 3 placement each time. Alex has planned and executed marketing services to a different physical and online businesses. Most importantly, Alex has the drive and ambition to continue to master his craft in the field of business, leading to his presence on our fantastic team. alex@cdncollective.ca

Manager, Logistics and Inventory

Ed Forde has spent the last 13+ years working in the promotional products and items industry with the majority of our time spent standing behind a silk screen machine and working with customer logos. With this new venture and focus, we have created what we believe to be a great shopping experience. We feel that an easier way to find truly Canadian made clothing and accessories should be an option for consumers/clients. There is increasing interest in Canadian made products and we would like to support these businessess. orders@cdncollective

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